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A time for all things

by Drew-GM, 2 days ago


Writing in his later years, king Solomon touched on some profound insights about the cycles of life. He talked about there being a time for things as well as a time for the absence of those things. As many of you know I have been struggling with time and commitment to the guild for a while now. After six and a half years I am finally at a place in my life where I feel it would be best for the guild as well as myself if I were to step down as GM. This community has been a tremendous blessing to me and a strength when I needed it the most. I can honestly say that my life and my faith are stronger because of this experience. For that I am most grateful.

This guild still means a great deal to me and as such I fully intend to make sure that things carry on in my absence. I have talked to Ashton Phommathep and he has agreed to take over as permanent GM of Renewed Hope. I expect there to be changes, in fact I encouraged him to look at areas that need improvement (there are several). I am confident that he will carry on the fine traditions that this guild was founded on and provide some new energy and ideas that are needed at this time. I would ask that you provide Ashton with all the support and patience that he will need during this transition. He’s got a very full plate now but I know for certain that with your help everyone will see the full potential of this guild realized.

I plan to continue my work with the devotional group and provide advice as needed/wanted however I will not be in game for the foreseeable future. There are areas of my life I am excited to bolster and reengage in.

Thank you to each and everyone for your joy, laughter and friendship.

God bless,


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